​Got a problem with your sun spots? Join our hero as he faces the wildlife of Africa in an effort to be "sun safe".

​This is a story of second place. Was it worth it just to be second? Of course. A story of navigation, history and stamina.

These wry glimpses of our peccadillos will, hopefully, bring a little light into what was probably going to be a hum drum day for you. Click on the Blue Button to go to the story. Of course these stories are all true (mostly !) and free - if you like what you read email me a note at billqut@bigpond.net.au and, if you wish, attach a star rating - from 1 to 5 - for the "essay" you have read. Enjoy yourself ! If you are still looking for adventure after reading these stories go to boatalong.com  OR if you just wish to find out about the best and most remote spots in Oz go tobackpackerinaustralia.com .

Have you been lost in a shopping centre ? Have you been LOST and INVISIBLE in a shopping centre ? It can happen to any of us so be prepared.

A salute from the large Hadron Collider in Switzerland to the greatest short story writer of the 20th. century


Secret matters medical. The mysteries of how hospitals operate will not be any clearer after reading this first hand experience.

​​This is a site dedicated to Australians who come in many shapes and sizes. You may think that you recognize someone and you probably do. You will not see yourself but do not be surprised if some one else sees you inside.

make this the year that you travel to australia!

How do the "boat people" get here ? Why do they come ? Will they be good Australians ? Are they Christians ?

The Min Min is a light that apparently follows outback travellers. It is supposed to signify the advent of some out of the ordinary event.

Have you ever wondered if a trip to the hospital was actually worth the effort ? Are hospitals only for sick people ? Will you get ill if you see a doctor ? Read on to tackle these difficult questions.


A quick look at my mobile phone or perhaps an examination of its lack of mobility. Can your phone swim ?

Is this the end of life as we know it ? If Stephen Hawkins is right the next stage of evolution is a machine whose "artificial intellegence" will far exceed that of mere mortals.

Some say Northerners are as mad as cut snakes and on the surface this appears to be true. But is a cut snake a good thing or a bad thing ? You be part of the jury and pass judgement on us Capricornians.

Do you wish you were Clancy of the Overflow but are stuck behind a desk in a dingy dirty city?

It is difficult to dispense the milk of human kindness. A note on how to become a kind person.

Some times we broaden our horizons by reading but exposure to new ideas can be dangerous. That was Barney's problem.

 Sometimes the ghosts of Christmas Past are quite near and just waiting to make our Christmas into your very own  Nightmare on Elm Street.

Would you like a desert trip ? A quick run across the Wiso Track should get us to Lajamanu for lunch. What could possibly go wrong ?

A strange story of ghostly travellers in the Simpson desert where truth is stranger than fiction. Not for the faint hearted.

Our worst nightmare, a very angry crocodile roaming the streets of Normanton at night. What could possibly go wrong when you shoot a crocodile ?

​A true story of black and white among the sand hiills of the desert, a story of white destruction.

​​This is a simple story of a daunting trip across the Simpson Desert in central Australia. This trip faithfully follows the route used by the explorer Cecil Madigan, the first person to cross the northern Simpson. Madigan used camels, this trip uses vehicles !

Is high speed optic fibre the way of the future ? How you too can be connected to this revolution in information, if only they can manage to get the fibre the last 6 metres to your house.

A homesick dirge of an Aussie stranded in France.

Fancy an adventure story with a romantic ending? Follow the trials and tribulations as our heros battle the rain forests of North Queensland.

Fortunately, unlike our relatives, we can choose our friends. However,  some times if we are lucky they choose us.

Ever felt like killing a close family member? Happens to all of us at some time.

​Tinnie to the tip, follow in Bligh's footsteps